I specialize in clean, reliable, affordable, used, pre-owned Toyota Prius Hybrids and EV's. I currently stock 2nd generation (2004-2009), 3rd generation (2010-2015) models, and 4th generation (2016- current). I have been in the used car business in Tampa since 1992. I have always been fascinated by the Toyota Prius and the more I learn about them, the more I love them. The Toyota Prius is the most reliable and efficient car I have ever experienced. The Gen II Prius (2004-2009) was mass-produced with over 750,000 sold in the U.S. and 1,500,000 worldwide. The Gen III numbers are almost identical. This means replacement parts and accessories are abundant and inexpensive. It also means there is a wealth of information available when it comes to maintaining and repairing them. 

We are now stocking 2012-2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In and 2017-2022 Prius Prime plug-in models. 

We are also stocking Electric vehicles like Chevy Bolt, Chevy Bolt EUV and Nissan Leafs.

If you are looking for a used Toyota Prius and a truly hassle-free experience, you have come to the right place.  I personally hand select, inspect, drive and recondition every Prius that I stock to ensure your safety and satisfaction. I have come to know the Toyota Prius inside and out since I specialize in them and do most of the repairs myself.  When you become a Prius owner you will come to agree that the Toyota Prius is a truly remarkable car in safety, reliability, efficiency and resale value; not to mention the savings on your monthly fuel bill.

I am able to keep the prices on my inventory of Toyota Prius’ low since I have very low overhead. I have no commissioned sales people; you deal directly with me.

Thank you for considering doing business with me.  I am here for you:  before, during and even after your purchase. You won't find more used Prius hybrids anywhere in Tampa.

Todd Thompson



Largest selection of pre-owned 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Toyota Prius Hybrids in Tampa, Lutz, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, Brandon St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa Bay area. Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid, Prime, Chevrolet Bolt EV.





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  • What a surprise. I had never even considered a Prius. But after spending a few minutes with Todd, I was convinced. I'm 6''2" and never even had sat in one because I just knew I wouldn't like it. We've had ours for over a year now and I couldn't love it more. Especially when I fill it up. I put 8.5 gals in it and go the same distance as I do in my SUV after it put 25 gals in it. You do the math. I am saving hundreds each month. And Todd has stood by this car every step of the way. Anything I've needed he's been right there. I even called him when I drained the battery and couldn't start it. He called me right back and walked me through what I needed to do. It jumps just like a regular car by the way. I have 125k on mine and it runs like a top. I haven't had a minutes trouble with it, except that time I drained the starter battery. Todd is an honest car dealer. I can't recommend buying a car from him highly enough! I've told all my friends! Mark of Odessa, FL

    Mark M
  • "My wife and I have owned a Gen 2 Prius since 2006 when we got it new. We have never regretted it.
    However when we noticed substantially lower miles per gallon fuel efficiency recently, I found Tampa Hybrids on their website.
    Having recently lost our second car to an accident,
    we also were in the market for a second car. So we traveled the 250 miles to Todd's business, to address both issues: The MPG and need for another car.

    Wow! Todd and his staff were amazing. With their help and know how they not only helped DOUBLE our gas mileage on the original Prius, but also get us into another affordable '06 Prius that we are delighted with.
    If you are willing to listen, watch, and learn, you will find out several  regular maintenance needs for the Prius that a Toyata dealer will not tell you - and you can even do most of them yourself!
    Tampa Hybrids will give you more confidence in Prius cars and dispel myths that you need to trade older models for new ones - especially about the hybrid batteries.
    We can recommend Tampa Hybrids thoroughly."


    Robert and Lynn, Tallahassee, Fl.
  • I researched the Prius for over two months and test drove several before I found your site. It is very informative and you really know your stuff. You had a great selection and your cars are so clean. The most difficult part was deciding which one to get. I can highly recommend Todd if you want a Prius.

    Richard P.
  • Thanks Todd! I never felt pressured and I love my Prius!

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